William Stanton: Portfolio, a Booking Agency for Activities and Tour Packages in Hawaii

Wrote and updated object oriented mods for osCommerce, updated code to PHP 5.5 from 5.3, transfered site and DB to modern server, Promoting a local chain of Tattoo Parlors

Hand-coded site. My first attempt at PHP based templates and CSS3

Some projects that involve PHP scripts that manipulate and recal a database using MySQL
A number of examples of manipulating webpages using Javascript and jQuery, including setting browser cookies and using $_SESSION variables
A map app
Must be opened with a GPS enabled mobile device like a cell phone
Using an imagemap on responsive images.
A 3D model named Padi, modeled and animated in Maya and imported into the Unity game engine
These are examples of various projects completed using PhotoShop, Audacity, Flash, Sony Vegas, and other audio and video programs

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