Knowledgeable Staff

You will be very pleased with the number of items you can find here at Mein Kraft! We have millions of products for you to chose from. There are colorful things, bright things, shiny things, heavy things light things, red things, blue things, orange things, things to go into other things, thing to put those things in, you name it we have heard of it! If we have not heard of it, rest assured that we will tell you that we have. There was this one time that this lady came in and rambled on and on about some useless information that was supposed to fire our imagination but the employee did not let that discourage him, he just kept on talking with her as if he had any sort of clue what she was talking about, and even after nearly forty-five minutes of talking, she still had no idea that the employee she was talking to had never even heard about the topic she was discussing with him. Now that is impressive, wouldn't you say? There was another customer that came in and was complaining about a television set that we sold him a few weeks earlier. He was upset that a man came on to tell him how white his shirts could be, but he was convinced that he wasn't a real man because he didn't smoke the same cigarettes as he did. Luckily our employee was there and was able to console him by letting him know that he could get some satisfaction with our craft store, Mein Kraft! We are not afraid to tell you we know what we are talking about regardless of the subject matter! We can talk for hours without ever worrying about what we say or bother with fact checking what we are telling you. WE ARE THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY on the current subject matter. Of course, we are a lot more accurate when we talk about things he have done some research on, but that will not stop us from spouting out a whole slew of useless facts that we make up on the spot, in fact, we feel it makes the conversation a lot more interesting if you are not slowed down by having to regurgitate actual facts, we prefer the facts that we pull out of thin air. You will not be disappointed with all the knowledge we attest to having. We hope you come in and give us a chance to impress you!

The Red Lizard

The bright red lizard was half way across the pool of blood before he was told that it was in fact foam that had rushed down from the top of the mountain less than 5 miles away. He perked up his head and looked around and saw that he was really in the part of the world that he was not expecting. How did he get here? it was not the lake of fire that drove him her, he was much to clever for that. He knew it had to have been something magical, something that no one had ever cast before. It must have been that old wizard that had been hanging out side of the grocery store asking for spare change. He must have gotten to him before the alarm had woken him to go to church that day. If it wasn't for the yellow paper floating beside him, he might never have gotten out. He knew that this was not the way he would have wanted it, but now that it had started, he knew he had to be the one to finish it! He decided that this had gone on long enough and the only way to fix it was to grab the electric blue skeleton key from the driveway and head up to the haunted house in the forest. He didn't know exactly how he was going to get there, but he needed to start right now. He jumped on his motor scooter and drove over to where he kept his jump pack, checked the fuel and took off. He was nearly there when a bald eagle came and snatched him out of the air. He knew that this breed of bird was protected by the government, but he didn't want to be eaten so he struggled with the red blog that he had written a year before and came up with a solution. This solution was good for cleaning floors but not so good for getting out of the clutches of a bird of prey. After they finished their short flight back to the perch, the lizard knew it was the end and sang a song.

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